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I’ve come across a little article that gives us some good advice to enhance performance in our ASP.NET applications, here they are:

Tips to improve the performance of application

    • Session State : If you are not using session state then disable it. You can disable it for the particular page instead of every pages
    • Validations : Try to use client side validation, instead of server side validation. Server side validation will make load on server
    • Use HTML Controls : Try to use html controls instead of controls
    • Use Repeater : Use repeater instead of datagrid, datalist, listview
    • Data Caching : Use data caching where you can implement it. Identify static data, which is not frequently updated and implement caching for that
    • Null Check : Always check null before accessing cache items
    • IsPostback : Always use IsPostBack on your page
    • Disable Tracing : In web config file disable the tracing
    • HTTP Compression : Make sure HTTP Compression is turned on
    • Paging : Use paging to retrieve the data, only show small subset of data, for faster page load
    • Combine CSS – JS files : Combine css & js files, it will reduce no of requests and will help to faster page load
    • CDN : Use CDN for hosting images and script files
    • HTTP Modules : Remove http modules which are not used
    • Garbage Collection : Always dispose object once you have used it
    • Avoid Exceptions : Your code should attempt to avoid exceptions to improve performance because exceptions incur a significant overhead.